Sex addiction and gambling: similarities and differences


Patients with sexual addiction and patients with gambling disorder share some psychopathologic features and sociodemographic traits that are not found in healthy control subjects, a study showed.

This finding supports the argument that sexual addiction “should be classified more closely to other behavioral addictions such as gambling disorder,” said Dr. Josep M. Farré of Hospital Universitari Quirón-Dexeus, Barcelona, and his associates.


Significance of Behavior:

From a mental perspective it was Freud who made the primary severe contribution to the psychology of playing by using claiming that gambling turned into a repetitious alternative for masturbation. He argued there were many parallels among the two behaviors such as the significance of ‘play’, the interesting and frantic pastime of the fingers, the irresistibility of the urge, the intoxicating satisfaction, and the repeated resolutions to stop the interest, and the massive emotions of guilt as soon as the pastime become finished. Freud additionally made reference to the privateness, solitude, manipulation, and specificity of the two activities. Different psychoanalysts claimed that gambling became analogous to foreplay, prevailing with orgasm, and dropping with castration and defecation. Freud and his fans argued that gamblers had a “subconscious choice to lose” and that losing cash become an act of masochistic self-punishment called the “delight-ache anxiety”.

Trust it or no longer, Freud’s theories at the psychology of gambling stemmed from simply one unmarried case have a look at – the Russian novelist Dostoyevsky. What’s more, Freud by no means even met him and based his thoughts on the reading of Dostoyevsky’s semi-autobiographical novel The Gambler. As a psychologist rooted within the clinical technique, I assume Freud’s theories are little greater than a laugh ancient footnote. However, there are components of Freud’s wondering that deserve similarly exploration. First of all, Freud passionately believed that a lot of our motivations and goals are unconscious. Having spent a few years asking gamblers why they do the things that they do, it turns into apparent that many gamblers can’t positioned into phrases their number one reasons for enticing in the interest they love a lot. To me, there do seem like inexplicable unconscious motivations. Secondly, there are numerous anecdotal observations on the relationship among gambling and sex.

Outcomes of problem:

Gambling lore holds that some heavy gamblers experience orgasm at the same time as being definitely absorbed in the playing experience. While I have in no way come across any such case there are many examples of gamblers who make such comparisons. As an example, an infamous hassle gambler referred to as ‘Charlie k’ claimed “each time I tapped out at a racetrack, it changed into just like a massive orgasm”. Real orgasm at some stage in playing is most likely a fable or unusual private peculiarity although the ‘thrill’ and ‘high’ that many gamblers file even as playing, can be similar to the emotional arousal skilled at some point of intercourse. On the other hand, it’s far possibly worth noting that there are case studies in the mental literature suggesting that one of the aspect outcomes of problem playing may be impotence!

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