Gambling: Fun That Leads To Addiction?

file (1)One thing there is no shortage of on the internet is opportunities to gamble. We are spoilt for choice, whether your fancy is for betting on sports, playing virtual card games or bingo. One of the things that make internet gambling therefore probably dangerous is that it’s simply available for twenty-four hours daily. The real danger comes once you combine this issue with the actual fact that it’s very easy to feel detached from the truth of cash spent online. Gradually painful up a debt online will not feel an equivalent as surrendering hard-earned money from our notecase, so it is that a lot of easier to lose track of however your on-line spending is mounting up.

What is the Meaning of Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling or compulsive gambling is defined as an uncontrollable urge to gamble despite the destructive effect of gambling on the gamblers life and despite feelings of guilt and remorse. Problem gambling tends to have a negative effect on the gamblers financial state, relationships and daily life. Severe cases of problem gambling can be defined as pathological gambling.

How Can I treat Gambling Addiction?

1) Group Therapy:

Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12 step self help program similar to the one offered to alcohol addicts in Alcoholics Anonymous. Group therapy also offers gambling addicts advice and support from professional counsellors and other gambling addicts in different phases of their recovery process. Gambler Anonymous centres are available in more than 1,200 locations statewide.

2) Individual Therapy:

Cognitive or behaviour therapy can help gambling addicts to identify their unaware thinking and acting patterns, which led them to gamble compulsively, and to replace them with controllable and healthier ways of thinking.

3) Psychiatric Medication:

It has recently been proven that antidepressant medications from the family of SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can be affective in treatment of gambling addicts.

While most folks get pleasure from casino gambling, sports betting, lottery and bingo taking part in for the fun and excitement it provides, others may expertise gambling as an addictive and distractive habit. Statistics show that while 85 % of the adult population in the USA enjoys some variety of gambling once a year, between 2 and 3 % of can develop a gambling problem and 1% of them are diagnosed as pathological gamblers.

Advantages of online gambling

The advances in broadband and wireless technology have made the world come together closer than never before. Now virtually everything is possible on the net-shopping, clinching business deals, social networking, and even gambling, the ever-favourite pastime of men. Online gambling first emerged in the early part of the 1990s and had become an instant hit, with an estimated 3000 online websites on the net today. It totally radicalized the gambling industry and has seen takers from across age groups. However, just like the land version, even internet gambling is fraught with problems. The addiction problem prevails in the online world as well. After a number of trials without success, they leave that opportunity, join the next big thing, get frustrated, leave that to join the next one until they eventually give up trying. Even at that, they continue to see more and more stories of successes others tell especially on the testimonial pages of income opportunities.

Networking and Sex – You’re Way to Success

Gambling nowadays is not associated with a mere recreation activity albeit it’s now taken a brand new direction into business and industry. For some it is a pleasure activity and for the others it’s a lucrative business. Although gambling is not the least bit a brand new sport that has emerged during this century, it has been a favourite of our ancestors and also the historians start the involvement into this activity to prehistoric times. It has been factually proved that even the first primitive was a gambler.

Online Gambling

Online-GamblingA bet can be placed in minutes. Anyone with a credit card can set up an offshore currency account with a gambling site, leaving them free to place bets on sporting events like Wimbledon, cricket, horse racing and Formula One, or join a virtual casino to play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker etc. Companies like Flutter and Betmart accept bets on anything from who is going to win the Nobel Prize to whether Madonna is getting a divorce or not. Bets can range from a nickel to thousands of dollars and according to whether you win or lose the amount is automatically adjusted to your account. The final balance can then either be mailed to you or left for future bets.

The law relating to online gambling in India needs to be understood within the country’s socio-cultural context. At the outset, gambling, although not absolutely prohibited in India, does not receive express encouragement by policy makers. The Indian organized gambling industry is estimated to be worth around US$8 billion. While stringent laws have checked the proliferation of casinos and high street gaming centres as in many other countries, barring the state of Goa, the lottery business remains the most post popular form of gambling.

Regulation of gambling

The courts have defined gambling as ‘the payment of a price for a probability to win a prize’. The dominant element of ability or likelihood shall confirm the nature of the game. A game may be deemed to be gambling if the component of likelihood or luck predominates when making a decision its outcome. As a result, Indian courts have held that gambling on horse racing and many card games aren’t gambling. The right to undertake the business of gambling and lotteries isn’t considered as a fundamental right protected by the Constitution of Asian nation. It may but be seen that the government run lotteries build vital contributions to the state funds of many state governments and also the Union government, and hence there is a resistance to finish prohibition.

Internet gambling

The law related to gambling is also applicable to online gambling. All gambling contracts are considered to be wagering contracts and it is not possible to enforce such contracts under the ICA, detailed above.

As pointed out earlier, the online lottery is the most popular form of internet gambling in India. Most companies marketing and distributing or conducting state government-sponsored lotteries through the internet are not allowed to sell their services in the states that banned lotteries. In most cases, these marketers and distributors limit their online services to consumers who are residents of the states where a lottery is permissible. Notwithstanding the fact there has been no reported case of breach by any company promoting online lotteries, most of these companies (as a safeguard) seek an undertaking from their consumers relating to their residence.

Selling Sex and Gambling and the Beliefs That Stop Sales Training from Being Effective

fileLand-based casinos and online casino revenues and web site releases are growing faster then ever. Even after the dirt has settled following the recent American law prohibiting deposits to on-line gambling corporations, large organisations such as Party gambling, Ladbrokes and VIP Casino club are all increasing their efforts to attract a wider European or international audience.

Gambling itself is a compulsive and addictive activity, with numerous restrictive societies trying to outlaw and even ban on-line gambling around the globe. Regulatory environments themselves dissent from country to country. While the United States of America has wanted keenly to determine ways of banning online gambling, the UK has lead the thanks to ensuring that online gambling remains a selection for several, but will not become a threat to others.

Illusion that You Can be in command of Chance

No one can control chance. It doesn’t favour anyone, smart or otherwise. Unfortunately many problem gamblers think that they can manage to overturn their luck on the tables through sheer power of the mind. They have this skewed illusion that they can win if only they can learn the tricks of the game. They spent hours on end in the casinos trying to perfect their game. They fail to acknowledge the fact that gambling is 100% chance and not something to be learned. There are no tricks and knowledge that will all of a suddenly overturn the tables to your favour.

The Lure of the Jackpot

Winning a few hands on the tables can make you feel unconquerable. Everyone loves winning, and science has proved that people remember their victories more than they remember their losses. Fortunately, or probably unfortunately in this case, new gamblers have what is commonly referred as ‘beginner’s luck’. They begin their gambling hobbies on the right foot. They become obsessed with the idea of winning the jackpot.

Faith of Changing Luck

In life, we are encouraged to get up after every fall. We will make it in the end. We will accomplish our goals if we do not quit. After all, who wants to quit while the gold vein could be just a few inches away. There is only one place where this advice does not apply. If your quests are governed by pure luck, there is very little chance that you will ever make it. The statistics are open for anyone who wants to take a look. Gambling only ends up in massive losses, debts and frayed social relationships. There is no better time to quit than now. Lady Luck will not smile at you anytime soon.

Online Gambling and its effects

Though many believe that legalized gambling is just harmless entertainment, but people already affected by it and continuous study results have veered on its deceptive nature. In fact, it is considered to cause even more harm than playing in a live casino building. The health and emotional difficulties associated with gambling disorders includes depression, circulatory disease, substance abuse and even risky sexual behaviour. Recent studies have concluded that online gambling comprised basically of unmarried and younger participants over people who never gamble. Contrary to the fact that internet is associated with high education level and higher income strata, the study pointed out that online gambler addicts belong to lower education and income levels. Online gambling is one of the fastest growing addictions to afflict the youth today.

Top Babes of the Poker World

Poker WorldSome of the main hubs of poker also are the foremost sexualized cities in the US, name New Orleans then later metropolis. These cities are absolutely oozing with sex, and although this paper is not trying to form a moral argument decrying these wild cities’ lifestyles, much of these pictures have stuck to the sport of poker itself. Perhaps this development would not be therefore dangerous if it vie out equally between the 2 sexes, but all one sees is the portrayal of part disrobed girls advertising for poker sites. One only desires to log onto the net and look for “Women and Poker” to own a dozen girls in bikinis right away pop on the screen.

Pokerium Online Poker Room and Casino

The front page of this website is a model of good taste and restraint. Many of the searches yielded interesting results, but this website was head and shoulders ahead. Upon opening the home page one finds an illustration of a scantily clad brown-haired vixen with a flower in her hair (no real women were harmed during the production of this design). The interesting part of this drawing is that she is placed inside of a huge Ace of Clubs. In the middle of the card, where the woman is located, lies a very large club, and the stem of said club just happens to terminate in the centre of the woman’s crotch. Although there is a possibility that this not-so-subtle innuendo was unintentional, we would not bet on it.

Advertisement on Hollywood for Women and Poker

Next on our list is the deliciously tasteful advertisement on Hollywood for their “Babes & Bounties” tournament. To begin with, the title itself should be enough to ruffle the feathers of most women poker players. Then, the image used on the page is of a woman in a bikini top with money in the background behind her. And finally, for those players who aren’t sold by the picture in the middle, the site claims that “12 of the sexiest poker hostesses in the game” will be present at the table. It’s a good thing too, because most serious poker players refuse to play in tournaments with any less than 8 sexy poker hostesses. Finally, jus to make sure that one can notice all the different features on the side, there is a picture of a woman on the left-hand side of the screen dressed in her rather unsupportive underwear lying down in front of a laptop with poker chips lying around her body. She is happily wearing a pair of flattering white high heeled shoes so that she can model at any moment during her poker game.

However, other chess players have turned their attention to poker since it not offers a mental challenge but also a shot at far greater financial returns. Recently the Poker Stars blog interviewed one of their online players known as simona75. He’s a 34 year old London based chess International Master who after joining Poker Stars a year ago has gained their prestigious Supernova Elite status.